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Those who would like game with cartoon graphics, it's your choice. Angel Love is a game online 2d rendered with funny characters and a nice view. In addition, angel love to have an easy user interface controlled with community features such as messenger and mini-games. Unique again, players can change the look of the character's face in profile with a photo or favorite picture. Making the characters also vary, as there are various kinds of hair and skin color to more than two dozen choices. Play game easily dominated by a quest-a quest that has an interesting story. You can choose the four kingdoms in the world of Eden when it passed the test and the Angel Academy has four kingdoms of the world very much different, according to those elements that each HolyLight, DarkShade, SteelShaper, and GroveKeeper.

Job and Skill System

About Game Online Angel LoveJob-job in Priest Angel Love is the master of healing, necromancer a dark sorcerer, the sorcerer wizard element, sage expert use of natural and hypnotic power of the monster, the master sword SWORDSMAN, Spearman spear and the expert, a good archer archery. There are also gathering resources and creating things like weaponry (gathering resources and making weapons), smithery (gathering resources and making armor), Technologist (gathering resources and making benda2 like artifacts), Chef (collecting and make a dish), and tailor (making clothes).

System jobs and skills in a unique love angel, because players are allowed to exchange skill with other job skills almost without limitation. They are still below the level allowed twenty skill changing with free, whereas the level was above twenty must submit a crystal angel. But be careful if you want to exchange skills, because the skill level will come back from the beginning.

Robo, Mounts, and Pet

If pet, ordinary. Angel Love is in the Robo and Mounts as well. Robo is a robot vehicle that can be used to facilitate the search for material goods also have a high defense. Form varies and can be upgraded according to your needs. This robot can also be used to fight because it has high defense but low speed motion.

Mounts are animals that can be exploited to accelerate the movement of characters. Mounts also give a bonus to the character attributes that are ideal to take the fight. Mounts in each kingdom is different from other kingdoms.

Funny pet is ready to accompany your trip and help you fight. Pet characteristics influenced by how you care for her. If the pet is at a certain level, they can evolve into a more stylish and powerful. Pet Types vary in accordance with the pet element.

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