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AyoDance Audition Online Dance which is a new Battle Game Open Beta, and have started to play. Audition AyoDance has completed the Close Beta Test on 15 January 2007 and immediately entered the Open Beta as well as commercial. Consider the features before the game for play. AyoDance Audition Online Dance Battle is a game, where you and your friends all over can meet and dance playing online. Choice of a wide variety of interesting songs that can be selected in the AyoDance Audition and Music Mall, ranging from Pop, R & B or even Hip Hop! At the Fashion Mall, there are also interesting items, express your Dancer with a unique Avatar on the Fashion Mall. Let's look different from the others!! With an easy to play, of course, you can perform hundreds of cool dance movements and fantastic, like the artist's movements TOP dancer idol, or a romantic dance choreography. Play with your partner!
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Practice Mode

Practice Mode is the recommended mode for beginners Dancer who had just played Audition AyoDance for the first time. Dancer newbie or beginner can learn a variety of patterns of Key Note and conform to beat songs to dance movement. Prepare yourself before playing in a real dancefloor!!

Normal Play

Begin dance battle with other Dancer! This is the mode most easily dance battle. Matches between Dancer 6 people simultaneously. Freestyle Movement and Finish Move can be done in this mode. Highly recommended for beginners in Audition Dancer AyoDance.

Dance Competition

This mode requires cohesion dance in choreographed dance movement. Customize your dance movements. This mode is recommended for expert Dancer.

Freestyle Battle

"Freedom is everything!!" You live by the motto that you? Try Freestyle Battle Mode. Show the best dance movements that can not be replicated by other Dancer here. Each Dancer will be given the opportunity to perform dance Freestyle. Be different ~ Be Freestyler!!

Real Team Play

Favorite mode to play with couples and friends Other Dancer. Game 2 against 2, 3 or 3 opponents in the same dancefloor. Collaboration and teamwork are the decisive factor in Team Mode. Whether you are expert Dancer? Does 4-D mode is too easy?
Discover a more challenging mode by using the 8-D. Variety of different dance movements can be found here.

Battle Party

In this mode you and others can fight Dancer Idol NPC you choose.
You need 300 Den Dancer and 4 other people to do battle with the NPC dance idol. Beat idol various existing NPC, or even ... want to beat Yodan Cea? This mode is only available to Dancer level 6 upwards.


*Discover more than hundreds of sensational dance movement in the Audition AyoDance. All the dance movements that can be done only by using Key Note patterns.
*The various game modes can make the dancer always trying to be the best in the dancefloor. Starting from Practice Mode to Freestyle Battle!
*Audition AyoDance Ranking to learn as much as if you? Use Audition AyoDance Ranking to view your ranking and the other Dancer ~ motivasilah yourself always to be one of the best Dancer Audition AyoDance!!
*Tired of being a Newbie again and again? Use the feature "License Test". Complete the mission given to the feature "License Test". Increase the level of your Dancer!
*Features "Broadcast" which enables flexible delivery of messages to your friends and other Dancer, this feature applies across all servers. Express yourself by using the feature "Broadcast".
*Couple Dance or B-Boy Battle? Doing here with your dance partner or other Dancer. AyoDance!
*Display Audition AyoDance very attractive accompanied by songs - songs that are always updated.

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