SEAL Online Features

Seal online Features:

Cartoon World 3 DimensionsCartoon World 3 Dimensions
Visit the world of cartoons SEAL Online's colorful. Coupled with the characters and 3D backgrounds cute. experience becomes unforgettable.

Thousands Mission & Plot "Explore Time"
Thousands Mission & Plot
In Shiltz adventures in the world (a world SEAL), you will be given a variety of missions to keep the peace of the world, where sometimes you have to sail past and future.

Chat & Community
Chat & Community
Online games would not be complete if it is not supported with the chat system and a good community. In SEAL Online, we provide a variety of facilities ranging from private chat, public chat, and even to specific topics such as Sports, comics, anime, etc.. Guaranteed to your friends list grew longer.

dating love
We understand the meaning of eternal love and fidelity, especially for those who have a spouse. For players who are faithful to his girlfriend, we were rewarded according to specific functions while their loyalty in the SEAL Online.

Combo Attack
Combo Attack
Bored with the kind of fight that only uses click on the 'mouse'. In SEAL Online players can also use a combo that only uses the 'A', 'S', and 'D' in 'Keyboard'. With master combo system, players will be able to defeat more powerful monsters from it.

Pet & Guardian
pet guardian
Are you an animal lover? At SEAL Online, we provide pet / PET-la-SEAL. Pet Where this is not just for decoration, but also can increase your ability to live a adventure. And after a big, Pet Guardian will turn into a handsome can you drive for travel.

Fishing - Mini GameFishing - Mini Game
After defeating Bale (Monster) and a mission, you can relax by fishing in the river, but that stuff you get from fishing are also very useful.

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