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Dream Of Mirror Online, DOMO Game OnlineDream Of Mirror Online (DOMO) Online in the world we are introduced to the three systems is the relationship Master and Apprentice (between teachers and students), True Lover (between men and women) and Friendship (among players who have a relationship of brotherhood). Ancient cultural myth to say that with unity we can have great power. Similarly, applicable in DOMO. If a player capable of maintaining family relationships or romance on the level and under certain conditions, players can issue a variety of style combined. This system is called the Joint Attack System.

Flying System
Privileges DOMO unique game is Flying System. Featured first time, the characters have the ability to fly up there around the main gun. Flying Skill Level can be upgraded to increase speed and altitude to fly. To control flies, the player must know how to start and how the process of landing. Starting to fly fairly easy because it can be done anytime, anywhere. As for landing, there are some things that must be considered, such as landing places. Games provide landing places that appear on the screen a graphic game four small sculptures with light shining up into the sky. Place to land can also be seen in a large folder with a blue sign and the shape of "V".

Fate System
To support the theme of Fate vs. Freedom, Fate in DOMO is a working system when you first created the character. When to create characters, three fates had determined that "Destined relative", "Destined enemy" and "Destined true love". You are challenged to find true love, and mortal enemy of our true friends in the past reinkernasi. Inside there is Luck Fate System System which includes Battle Luck, Luck and Love Working Luck. If the Battle Luck was in bad condition, do not be surprised if critical and rarely hit. If luck was working on, work undertaken by the characters will produce maximum results and can easily produce hard goods to be made. With the fate system, we give you the road, but you who decide to follow or reject the existing fate!.

Pet System
DOMO has two types of Pet. The first is the type of pet are kept, can play with or fight against monsters. This type of pet can be a strength issue different skill levels based on Pet's character. Pet level can rise and at some point may also evolve that will give him additional skills.
The second is the Pet Summoning. Each player can have a pet summoned from all the monsters are there, except the boss. Each pet summoned may issue a stance in accordance with the original pet.

Quest System
There are 2 types of quest in the Quest to DOMO Movie Quest Cut Scene and Normal. In the Cut Scene Quest Movie characters will be invited to enter into a story which can directly interact with NPC characters. In this quest can be found many a hero or a role that gives the enemy a new nuances in the game. In this quest the player is not expected to get bored quickly. While normal quest is the quest as usual general in other MMORPG.

Production & trading system
All existing equipment in the world of DOMO can be made based on the production process. The first step in the production process is to collect basic material. After all the materials collected, which will be refining the production of material obtained. The final step is the process of production materials to make equipment, weapons and other objects that can be used. The collection of basic materials in DOMO conducted at six points, which can deepen the ability of each player. [Farming, Fishing, Mining, Lumbering, Praying and Pasturing).
Like real dikehidupan, before making something, all should be based on the recipe. Well in this world DOMO, players will also find lots of recipes that include equipment recipes, food recipes and recipes weapons. Almost like a game Nexia Online.

Battle (PVP) & Hunting System
Like several other online games, DOMO is the battle system that makes the player can fight monsters and boss monsters. If you were defeated, each monster will drop an item different that can be taken by the players. To fight a monster players can use the skills they have in the fight.
In Battle system is a useful combo system to increase the total damage. Combo bar located on the left side of the screen graphic. To remove a combo player must press CTR + W Tombo first. Want your strength and greatness recognized? DOMO offers PVP feature. Way, frequently invites other people to duel, either as individuals or in teams. Record winners will be entered into the Billboard list out Chang Yang City. So, it appropriate your name plastered on billboards?

Weapon Level Up & Rune System
Each weapon has a record of their own experience. If a player uses one continuous weapon, that weapon will get EXP each time managed to kill the enemy. After EXP a Weapon to the highest point, it can be upgraded Weapon . While Rune used to increase the ability of a weapon stat bonuses. To perform first Rune players must pierce weapon used.

Chatting Messenger
Messenger chat functions to add a friend and asked her to join the team directly. In addition, with players Messenger chats can also delete or to contact the blacklist owned. To view Mesenger very easy to understand and like to use MSN Messenger.

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