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game Ghost Online, Ghost OnlineGhost Online (GO) or known abroad as Ghost Soul is a 2D MMORPG Game Side-Scrolling is very similar to Maple Story (MMORPG Game 2D Side-Scrolling first in the world created by Nexon, which also makes the game Nexia). This game itself was released in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and now in Indonesia. The character you'll play as a ghost exterminator (Ghost Slayer), and in addition you can also solve a number of Quest, fishing, mining, forging, duel (PVP) with other characters, trading and sales (stores open).

Story of the Ghost
Once upon a time in which the world is still filled with the demons of evil, chaos happening everywhere. Until one day someone came with a very powerful capability known as the Master Nogun. With the science called Soul of the Universe with the help of 12 of his students are able to seal Masters Nogun all evil demons exist, but the Master Nogun began to realize that he was possessed by a Demon from the leader of the evil King. This is caused by the use of Soul of the Universe and the absorption of evil souls who do this for Nogun Master. To clean the soul master Nogun must seek the Holy Herbs in a place very far away. After Master Nogun find and eat the Holy Herbal, he finally dies and his soul is reborn as a character who would you play.

Character System
Peasant: The player will start the game as a Peasant (beginner) and after reaching level 10, can choose a new Job as a Warrior, Assassin or Mage by visiting the appropriate NPC to the desired Job. Peasant 4 will be given at the beginning of fruit Skill games such as running, high jump, meditate, and the science of energy in, which still will be used in the next Job.

Warrior: It is the main class and has an important role in the world of Ghost Online. Warrior is a fighter who excel in close combat and have a good defense skills, and can deflect enemy attacks. Swords and machetes are the main weapon. Gamers generally preferred the use of machetes than the sword, because the skill of using a machete to make a Stun enemy (silent) for a while, though the damage, the sword is greater because there are skills that can give double attack on the enemy. When Peasant reach level 10, he can visit the NPC Warrior (Chul Gum) to get a Job as a Warrior.

Assassin: The movement speed is incredible, they were able to kill enemies quickly. Assassin has a special skill such as disappearing, avoiding attacks, and poison the enemy by using the Claw and the Gauntlet as a trusty weapon. Claw for short distance attacks and more are for a single target with a very large damage, and Gauntlet for long-distance attack by throwing Shuriken (piau) and more directed to several targets, but smaller damagenya. On reaching level 75, Assassin will be very strong because it can provide a great damage to the enemy because of his skill Mastery is maximal. When Peasant reach level 10, he can visit the NPC Assassin (Sal Su) to get a Job as an Assassin.

Mage: Having a mysterious magical powers and focus on long-range attacks. Mage using weapons fan (Fan) and sticks (Staff) as a weapon to attack the enemy. When Mage wearing fans, should take a magic automatic fire, and if you use a cane, Mage must take a magical ice. Magical fires have a greater damage than ice, but ice magic has the possibility to freeze the enemy while at random (random). The uniqueness of the Mage is that they have the skill Teleport (blink), making the enemy retreat (Knock Back), and armor from the MP (Mana Shield / Exchange). When Peasant reach level 10, he can visit the NPC Mage (Yu En) to get a Job as a Mage.

Character Status
Status in the world of Ghost Online consists of 4 types namely:
Str: Strength (this status affects the attack at close range and number of HP)
Dex: Dexterity (This status affects long-distance attacks and hindaran)
Vit: Vitality (this status is affecting the amount of defense and HP)
Int: Intelligent (This status greatly affects the power of magic and the number of MP)
HP: Health points
MP: Magic points.

Quest System
Quest is a feature that involves interaction between the NPC with the players to solve a problem faced by the NPC (for easy NPC players can see who is doing the Quest with respect to an exclamation mark that appears on the NPC's head). By pressing Q Quest players can see what is already accepted by the players. This quest used to get a player or an additional fee Hon (Gold) and Experience.

Forge System
Forge is a feature provided GO to upgrade from mineral to a better level again. Players can do this by talking to the miners in the mine. To do this players must have a number of minerals that can then be exchanged into 1 piece of other minerals with better quality. After making a confirmation, then miners would change the material into the mine other minerals with a higher level.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98 + DirectX
CPU: Celeron 500MHz
VGA: 3D Card
HDD: 1.5GB
Internet Connection: 56Kbps

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