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Perfect World
Perfect World Online is a dream world where every player virtual can do many things to live a fantasy life. Starting from a world where there are many areas unexplored, players are invited to jointly begin to build community and civilization in the world. by building a community and form a city, then the player is expected to create each story this dream world. to launch, players can choose to be one of the 3 creatures that are available are: Humans, Elves or demon.

Perfect World Online is a fantasy adventure game and is packed with oriental style, in which each player can play in various characters, such as a swordsman, archer, fencer, fairies, and other characters. Each character can develop their ability all the time, use magical weapons and team up with Perfect World Online players to fight against other monsters and assorted other creatures with a mission to conquer and control a given territory. Perfect World Online has several advantages when compared to other online games because every player in Perfect World Online can do a fantasy like flying, swimming in the ocean and riding imaginary animals. In addition, in the world of Perfect World, players can form their own face or the face of their imaginations so they can look different from other members. Currently, Perfect World Online alone has run in 11 countries around the world, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Online gaming is also occupied the top 3 types of games to MMORPGs in many countries.

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