Game Online Idol Street

Game Online Idol Street
A Game music with social themes trendy fashion. How to enjoy the game here is to relax and enjoy the variety of songs in the game. Idol-Street distinguish with games that already exists in general like the game ayodance because the game idol-street casual style by introducing the young, exciting competition, and most importantly easy to control the play. The players can chat with friends - friends, and choose their personal style.
Some of the main features in this game, namely:

1. A real metropolitan city with many facilities.
2. Various locations that can be played with up to 30 people.
3. Clothing design variations with current and future.
4. Dance movements are directly taken from the example of professional dancers
5. Music idol for all ages and backgrounds.

Features - Other features in the Idol Street:
1.Game an easy play. By using more than just 4-8 buttons.
2. Variations interesting music so that players can enjoy and live to the rhythm and beat - beat.
3. Features a myriad of fashionable, all the music, the clothes, the atmosphere contained in this game is a symbol of fashion. Especially for children - young people who understand the meaning of the word.
4. New system for the interaction between players. Besides looking for new friends, chat and send messages to each other. There are features to make video chat so that becomes more exciting and fun.
5. REAL movement. The whole movement in the game taken from the actual movement path so that the movement and dance is very smooth and looks like the original.

Idol Street in the game, game play can be divided into 3 main elements:

Fashion Idol that can be categorized as follows:
1. Clothing AVATAR - Consisting of: shirt, pants / skirt, shoes and uniforms. Of course, for each gender will have a different fashion styles but still unique and interesting.
2. Decorations - In this section an accessory for the character models. Various accessories are earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, hair.
3. Items - other items contained in Idol Street is the dance step, special move, consumptive items and special items.

In dancing, there are several attractive dance modes, namely:
1. Solo Dance
2. Battle Dance
3. Lovers Dance
4. Group Dance

Players can perform a variety of ways to interact with other players. By using IM chat, video chat, send messages and goods through the mail to communicate with other communities.

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